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March 25, 2024

Welcome! This is the first post in our new group blog.1 We, the research group Information Management at Humboldt University’s Berlin School of Library and Information Science, explore the role of digital research and information infrastructures in science within the context of digital transformation.

The focus of our research is on information infrastructures that enable the collection, indexing, accessibility, and re-use of information objects for the purpose of Open Science.

Our work considers processes of digital scholarly communication and related practices, standards, and policies. These aspects are addressed from the perspective of information and library science, with a focus on libraries, computing centers, and other service facilities supporting research at scientific organizations.

Current topics of our research and teaching group include:

Further information about our work can be found on our official website: http://hu.berlin/infomgnt

If you’re interested in learning more about our research, you might want to check out a guest post we published a few days ago about our Pro OAR DE project on the DINI colleagues’ blog (Pampel and Wrzesinski 2024).

This text – excluding quotes and otherwise labelled parts – is licensed under the CC BY 4.0 DEED.


Pampel, Heinz, and Marcel Wrzesinski. 2024. “Open Access Repositories in Transition: Strategies for Professionalization.” Blog Der DINI AGs FIS & EPUB. https://doi.org/10.57689/dini-blog.20240311.


  1. Sure, in this blog, there will also be footnotes ;)↩︎


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